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We all know someone close to them who, in adulthood, still have a face with marks of “old pimples” or with acne directly. Why is this happening? Although it is difficult to know for sure, hormones, or the difficulty of the skin’s pores to hydrate, greatly influence the appearance of this “evil”.

Of course, each person is a world. And therefore, the skin of each one @ is different, so who best will give us the causes of the appearance of acne will be a dermatologist and apply a personalized treatment.

No sleeping with makeup

As we have said before, if “the pores do not breathe”, there are many factors for the dreaded acne to appear. If at night we do not go to sleep with a clean face, our skin will not breathe during those hours of sleep, so we will probably wake up the next day with some new pimple. Therefore, wiping your face with a wet washcloth before going to bed will be very effective.

Don’t do sports with makeup!

As you know, when you exercise, your pores open up considerably. Makeup, being a totally impenetrable layer for oxygen, can prevent sweat and bacteria from escaping, so they will remain on your skin, with the danger that this entails. To be more comfortable to exercise, keep your face clean. Your skin will thank you.

Be careful with the hair on the face!

If you have long hair, you should keep in mind that the hair on the face will cause the appearance of a lot of oil, so acne will surely make an appearance. Do not let that happen!

And you, did you know these tips to remove acne? Even if you do not have acne normally, it is advisable to follow these guidelines, to prevent its appearance.

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