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Surely the word “coronavirus” is ringing in your ears after having heard it thousands of times during these weeks. Although the focus of infection of this disease is in China, many countries have reported that several people present the symptoms of the coronavirus.

The World Health Organization has declared this disease an international emergency, to the point that several countries have banned Chinese citizens from entering.

But what is the coronavirus?

Information is power, so knowing as much as possible about this disease can prevent any future contagion. Although the national alert has not reached Spain, some cases have already been confirmed in our country. Therefore, we lose nothing by taking precautions.

Even being called “Wuhan virus”, because it was in this city where everything began. In fact, you’ve probably heard that it started in a food market in that city. To be more specific, it is suspected that pangolins, an animal that is considered a real delicacy there, have been able to act as intermediaries, passing the disease to humans.

What symptoms of the coronavirus  are characteristic ? How to prevent it?

Now, let’s get to the really important thing. As you can see, the milder coronavirus symptoms may coincide with a common flu that we may have “caught”, since this infection is very common at this time. Cough, fatigue, sore throat, and fever are the most common.

Of course, being a “new disease”, the best we can do is have a very correct hygiene, with frequent hand washing. We also recommend wearing masks if you are going to make a trip by public transport, significantly reducing the risk of contagion. In addition, we must be careful with the intake of raw products: so a good cooking can be very effective in cleaning food of viruses.

And take care of yourself!

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